Christmas is coming

Date Published: 20th October 2021

Hello again and welcome,

I promised a Christmas Quilt and here is. An easy, very satisfying quilt to make in seven sizes. Right down to 1″ squares – a miniature tree!

It uses only squares and is perfect for Shoebox Scrappies – in fact I didn’t have to cut any squares, even for the background. That was from the pieces left from quilt backings already in the 5″ box. How easy is that?

If you are looking for Christmas presents to make, the glasses/remote control/thread-end bag will come in very useful for lots of people. Even my 90 year old father found one invaluable for keeping his remote control and glasses safely on the arm of his chair. If given with the matching bag it makes a wonderful thoughtful gift. Of course, if it is filled with chocs or other small wrapped gifts it becomes even more special.

If you are stitching the Advent Calendar you will be busy now. Remember to only put wrapped sweets in so the pockets stay clean. It makes a wonderful heirloom gift although all my stitching group kept it for themselves. It came about as my daughter was expecting a baby in early January, so I gave her and her husband a patchwork AC to enjoy before Christmas. I thought at the time how nice it would have been if I had created a stitched one. My stitching group thought so too, so persuaded me to design one. A great success, although a lot of work.

The Countryside Sampler is great  fun to stitch and is bright and cheerful. As it is composed of small individual pictures you can maybe complete one in an evening or take them on holiday to stitch. The patchwork is very effective but easy to do.

I am working at the moment on a large wild flower sampler wall hanging which will come to the site as a Free Stitched Block of the  Month for you to download.It is coming on well so you should see it soon. Keep checking.

Keep safe and keep stitching

Until next time,

                        with love – from Carol