Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the size of the stitching and still follow the pattern?

Yes. Evenweave and AIda have a thread count, so 10-count means there are 10 stitches for every inch. 12-count means there are 12 stitches to one inch.

Obviously, the higher the number the more stitches to the inch and they will be smaller. So 14-count, a common one, will give 1.4”, 16-count will stitch at 1.6”.  If you change the stitch count it means also changing the fabric size. To find out how much fabric you would need, count the stitches across and down the pattern, divide by the number of stitches per inch on your fabric and add a border of at least 2”. So if the pattern is 42 stitches x 35 stitches and you have 14-count fabric you will need a piece 3”  (42÷14) x 2½” (35÷ 14) add 2”” all the way round, you need 7” x 6½”.

Where do I start stitching?

Start in the centre of the pattern and find the centre of your fabric by folding it. Then you will  not run out of fabric. as long as it is the correct size, and you will have an even border spare for framing.

What is the best stranded cotton to use?

Always buy quality threads such as Anchor or DMC. Never buy cheap threads from markets or mail order. The colours, especially red and navy, are more likely to run when washed. I remember a lady in my class who had done a large piece of stitching in a variety of reds. She rang me at night to say she had knocked over a cup of coffee all over her stitching. I told her to wash it in luke-warm water with soap flakes . Swish it rather than squeeze it, rinse it out well and spread out to dry. The reds had all run and her stitching was wasted. When I asked her what brand of thread she had used she sheepishly told me her aunt had given her a whole bag of threads which she had bought cheaply at a sale and she wished she had taken my advice!

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