New Block of the Month cross stitch flower sampler

Date Published: 7th January 2024



This year the free stitch sampler is a large exquisite cross stitch sampler 33.5″ x 19.5″ showing each letter with a flower design all set in a lovely border. As it is only cross stitch and backstitch it is suitable for all stitchers.It has two corner designs with lower case letters and bees and butterflies. It is a wonderful wall-hanging or sofa throw and gives lots of patterns for cards, cushions, named stitching and keepsakes. Each letter is a complete entity and the interlocking border can easily be adapted for, say perhaps a wedding cushion with initials.

Clear symbol charts for each individual letter all have individual keys so they really useable.

It is a mystery stitching so you will only see sections at a time. The first pattern gives the border pattern, the two corners and two letters. This also has general instructions, fabric and thread details which are not given elsewhere.

It also includes a small ladybird pattern that you can use if you wish.